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Friday Swim

typing this on my iPhone on the slow edge network as I can't get on the internet even on neighboring networks. Must be an Internet/Cable outage in my neighborhood. After last weeks heat wave it really has cooled down here in Los Angeles.

Hell, tornados popped up in Riverside County. It was a bit cold today swimming outdoors. I was cold in between sets today. Of course the pool water was warmer than I like so it was a balancing act.

Warmed up a mixed 450 yards.

Warm up set: 100 dril 200 kick 100 drill 2x100's kick on 1:55 100 drill 4x50's kick on 50

Main Set:
3x50's IM on 55
3x100's IM on 1:25
50 easy on 60
200 fast IM
50 easy

Stroke on 55 (did these fly)
3x100's on 1:25 descend (free, free/fly, fly)
50 easy on 60
200 fast (did this fly)
50 easy

3x50's free on 50
3x100's free on 1:20
50 easy on 60
200 fast free

50 easy Last Set:
1 & 5 easy on 30 all the others fast stroke on 20 2-4
I did backstroke 6-8 I did fly

Internet is back up at home if a bit slow so I reformated this post from the iPhone odd format.  One big run on paragraph. 

As for my knee problem it seems not as bad today.  The day of rest did it good.  The pain is right below the actual knee so I'm guess shin splint. 


I also use the iPhone to log my swims - just on notepad unless anyone know anything better ?

Edge is a pain sometimes, but I found a nice tool that allows me to use it quicker - it basically a service that compresses the page (lettimg ne choose whether to display images) and then formats it for the iPhone. It's called iPhoneiquity (

One above sets, how long does each take ? I'd be interested to check agtainst how I am doing ;-)

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