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It might not seem like it's been too long but I havn't swam since Friday morning!  That seems like an eternity to me.  So after missing this mornings swim practice I decided to hit the lap swim.  I kept debating on going to the lunch time lap swim or the early evening one.  Or maybe just swim at the gym.  Swimming at the gym was easily decided against as the water is pretty nasty and way too warm.  Once I settled on going to the 11:30-1:30 swim I just had to get myself going.  
Once at the pool I jumped in one of the two fast lanes.  Each lane already had two swimmers so I jumped in the lane that seemed a bit faster.  Mind you "fast" during lap swims is a whole new category compared to 'fast" lanes swim practice.  Because of that I tossed out the written workout I had jotted down and started off just swimming.

First I warmed up with an easy 400 swim freestyle.  I pretty much kept lapping the other swimmers but they stayed in my lane.  Then I did a 400 pull with buoy but no paddles.  Then 2x100's swim.  No interval.  Doing intervals in lap swimming doesn't work.  I just stopped and waited to give room between myself and the other swimmers so I wouldn't lap them in the first 50 of a 100.

After that I did 1x300 pul with paddles.  Another 300 pull without paddles.  Followed by a 400 swim.  So now I was up to 2,000 yards for the workout.

Next I went back to the workout I had jotted down earlier as now the lane was down to just two of us.  I did a 100 drill butterfly, 100 kick butterfly both on 2 minutes followed by 4x50's fly on 55.  By the end of the fly I had the lane all to myself.  Butterfly scares lap swimmers!  I then did the same set but backstroke this time.

Now that I had some stroke down I did 4x100's IM on 1:45.  Lots of rest.  But some guy jumped in my lane during the third 100.  He held me up for the last 100 IM.  I was trying to descend them but I caught up to him and slowed down.  Note:  If my breaststroke is as fast as your freestyle you are not a fast lane swimmer.  Move over.  I didn't care as after that I just did a 50 warmdown and got out.  

A 3250 yard workout.  Not too bad.  It was easy on easy intervals.  Perfect for just getting back in the water.  After this week the pool will be closed due to pride which I don't understand.  They don't use the pool for pride so why close it?  I know they build a tent city around the pool at the park but a whole week?  I'll need to swim at the gym for a week or find another lap swim pool.  Ugh!  What a pain next week is going to be.  A whole week of swimming with lap swimmers or gym swimmers.  


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