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May's 12 of 12

Chad started this little snapshot project a few times ago called 12 of 12.  Read more about it HERE but see my pictures below.

May 1 of 12
My bathing suits are just laying in my bath tub.  When I come home I hang them up to dry but eventually they all fall down in a pile somehow.  The rubber ducky was taking a nap in the soft fabric.

May 2 of 12
As I'm heading out on the bike not only is it starting to drizzle out but a helicopter is making passes around the block.  Must be an accident near by.  Thought of chasing it down to see what was going on but decided to run inside and get a jacket.

May 3 of 12
The pool's locker room.  I overslept and missed the morning swim so I biked over to the pull and swam during the lap swim.  I did 4,000 yards on my own including a 1,000 kick set.  I hate kicking.  The locker rooms do not have a roof only a fence to protect people from getting in.  So the city decided to buy those awnings to provide some dryness on rainy days.

May 4 of 12
My stuff after I get out of the water.

May 5 of 12:
Leaving the pool.  It is still over cast outside but no longer drizzling.

May 6 of 12:
Right next door is the town library.  A place I've never stood foot in.  The building is pretty small for a town/city library.  With next year being some big anniversary a new capital campaign will start to redo the park/pool and library.  But for now you can see the Red Building being built which will sit next to the big Blue and Green buildings.

May 7 of 12:
The 2008 Los Angeles Pride Banners are up.  The weekend of June 8th.  The only thing I ever do anymore is just run the Pride 10K the Sunday morning.

May 8 of 12:
Leaving the park to head home.  I never understood the ugliness of this sign and water fountain.  At least soon it will be a part of history.

May 9 of 12
This is a very special piece of my 12of12 as I've been wanting to snap a photo of this art gallery for months but always forget to.  This gallery on Robertson Blvd has had some sort of water/pool picture in it's front window for a year.  The latest one is of a pool ladder.  Someday I'm going to stop in an take a look around.

May 10 of 12
Skip a few hours to din din time.  Went to Hirozen for sushi.

May 11 of 12
Pie!  Strawberry and Rhubarb pie at Sweet Lady Jane.  We all walked up Orlando for some sweets.  It may cost 7 bucks a slice but so worth it.

May 12 of 12
Then we walked some more to have a cocktail to finish the night at Hamburger Mary's.  Busy night for me as some friends were visiting from SF who invited some friends up from Long Beach to hang out and catch up.


I saw on Lipp's Blog, that the weather LA had was horrible. This is possibly the only time the UK (and Germany) have had better weather than LA, which must mean the apocalypse is coming.

Yum for good food, pudding and drinks!

What a dreary day in Los Angeles. Nice set this month. Thanks for sharing your day.

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