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Vendt's Agent Fires Back While Vendt Swims

The Wall

Every so often due to over training one hit's the wall.  The wall being the point in which the body can only do so much.  This morning during swim practice my body hit the wall.  At least I had planed on taking some recovery time after today's swim.  Some of my lack of energy is due to lack of sleep as I had another night of tossing and turning.  But still it's time for recovery. 

I warmed up a 350 taking it very very easy.  After that we did a warm up set of kicking, drilling and swimming.  Yeah I can't even remember what we did I'm that beat!

Main Set:
200 IM on 3:00
2x50 Free on 40
2x150's stroke on ???
2x100's Free on 1:10
3x100's Stroke (did fly/back/fly)
2x150's Free
4x50's Stroke (i only did 3 as I needed a break / did them fly/fly/back)
2x200's on 2:20 (only made the first one and just swam easy the last one)

Final Set
75 (kick/drill/swim) on 1:10
25 fast on 25 (did these all sprint fly)

I'm glad I swam this morning even if it was a struggle.  Now I can sit back and let the body recover and get ready for another week of pushing myself.

UPDATE: Trevr asked about rest in between the various swims in the main set.  Well Trevr the answer is No.  IT was right into each part.  I don't even remember some of the intervals but it was touch and go for me at best.  I just wasn't havin it.  I am still sore and tired all these hours later


Was there any rest between the intervals in the main set? That's some fast-ass swimming...

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