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Now that I am back home and caught up on sleep I've finally was able to speed over 4,000 news feeds in my OutinDC-cover-062008 RSS Reader. With all those various posts not one covered last weeks IGLA.  Okay so maybe only about 400 of those posts were about swimming or gay life in general.  I don't expect personal swim blogs to cover IGLA well except me since I went.  And being my blog the posts were about me.  But the gay news / media blogs like Towleroad or Queerty has zero coverage.  I really like those blogs and think they usually do a good job in covering the world of gay news.  I love how they are always putting up photos and news stories of various sports figures in the world of straight sports.  But they dropped the ball this past weekend by not covering IGLA.  The two gay sports blogs GaySports.com and Outsports.com also had zero coverage.  You'd think that two blogs who's main focus is Gay Sports would cover the International Gay Lesbian Aquatics Championships.  But they did not and for shame.  Luckily IGLA 2008 sponsor the Washington Blade did cover it with a few articles.  I know it shouldn't bother me that the coverage was so weak but it really does get my goat.  Gaysports.com's lack of coverage is amazing to me as one of my team mates works for them and our team blog has posted stories about the website.  And with all the coverage over the years on Towleroad of Ian Thorpe you'd think he would have posted one small blurb.  But in the world of blogging and the internet it is up for the small folks to pick up the mantle and cover stories that matter to that blogger.

UPDATE:  And now as of Friday Outsports covers it with a general article and stock photo.  Is it too much too ask the Gay Media to cover Gay Sporting Events?  Read the Outsports article HERE

UPDATE;  Gaysports.com has posted an article with results.  Thanks Mark.  Check it out HERE


Here is the coverage from GaySports.com


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