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Friday 6am Swim, Ugh!

As of late yesterday I had planned on sleeping in today and not swim at all.  Figured taking Friday and then Saturday will be enough time off to kill this summer cold.  I've pretty much slept most of the last two days so two more and I'd be my old self.  Then last night plans changed and I had to be at the practice at 6am to be the team ambassador to the Mike and Chris of Chlorination on  So I set my alarm, got a good night sleep and woke up ready to swim.  Well not really swim but fake swim enough to get some camera time and leave early.  I figured they'd film and be done about 2/3 of the way into workout and I could slink out.  I ended up staying the whole workout.  After 2 days of mostly sleeping my body just wasn't ready for any activity at all.  The 2 mile bike ride alone was taxing.  I came to workout out of breathe.

Warmed up a 300 swim and a 200 pull.

Warm Up Set:
75 Drill
125 Kick
I mixed it up butterfly, free and backstroke

Oh we had another warmup set. was 100 Free on 1;20 than some 50's stroke on 45 and then another 100.

Main Set:

The first half was stroke and the second half freestyle.  I mixed it up with fly, back and some free.  The 150's stroke I did 25 fly / 25 back.  Actually that is how I did the first half then moved over to a back and freestyle for the second half.  I forgot the intervals.  75's were on 1:05.

300 on a 1;20 base breathing 3/5/7 by 50
200 on a 1;25 base breathing 5/7 by 50
100 breathing every 7

And that was it.  Afterwards I was interviewed.  i was tired from the workout and on top of that battling this cold so I dread watching myself.  I'm too shy for that shit!  Well at least with them on deck it made me stay in the pool the whole workout.  Now I can rest till the next practice on Sunday in the afternoon.


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