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Friday Morning...Coaching?

This morning my alarm woke me up at 5:10.  After 30 minutes of reading the paper and getting my stuff together I got on my bike and headed to swim.  On deck I did a bit of socializing before getting in the pool a tad later.  As time went on the coach wasn't on deck.  I continued to warm up stopping every so often to check on the status of the coach.  After about a 400 it was about quarter after the hour so I got out and became coach.  I was hoping that he'd show up or at least someone would by the 7:15 workout so I could swim.  But that never happened and I was the coach for both workouts.  Not that I did any real coaching.  I just put a workout on the board and answered questions.  The workout was a modified version of last nights workout and after running out of time to do it in the 6am practice I modified it again for the 7:15am.  I'll try to head out and swim later today either on my own or the 7pm practice.


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