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I own the lane, out of my way.

If I am ever to get another tattoo I want "I own the lane, get out of my way" all over me for when I swim at lap swims.  Before I ramble on about lap swims here was my morning.  I got up a bit after 6am.  Got my swim stuff together.  Got on my bike.  Headed to 7/11 to break buy a bananna, water and get $5.00 cash to pay for the lap swim using my ATM with cash back.  Get back on my bike and ride the 2 miles to the Weho Pool.  I was running late and got to the pool at 7:15.  As I ride up I notice lots of cars and people.  Hmm...that is odd for a Saturday morning.  Well the pool was hosting some age group swim meet.  So no lap swim.  I pull out my iPhone and look at the Culver City Plunge lap swim times.  Great it's from 7-9.  I'll ride to the pool and get there about 7:45ish.  So i head back down Robertson and take side streets to Venice to Overland to the pool.  Get to the pool, lock up my bike, pay my $3.00 and change.  As i walk on deck i see that it is long course.  No biggie.  But also they have an age group team in 3 lanes and more lanes are taken up by scuba diving leaving 3 lanes for the lap swim.  I find the fast lane and get in. 

The lane had about 6 people in it.  Not bad for lap swimming in a long course pool.  The bad news was that everyone but one other person should have not been in the fast lane.  I realized that when i was swimming but also when I was kicking and was passing people who were swimming.  Umm...normally when we are doing a kick set at workout the medium lanes are kicking my ass in kicking.  i suck at kicking.  So if i'm kicking and passing you when you are swimming you are not a fast swimmer and should move down.  I did get in about 2,000 long course yards in.  It was just very frustrating after 40 minutes I got out.  I couldn't deal with it.  I'd give someone a 25 yard head stop and I'd catch up to them.  I tired to do some butterfly but that was worse.  Eventually i got sick of saying fuck and just got out.  But at least I got some water time in.  Tomorrow i won't be swimming at all so I needed to swim today.

With the biking back and forth i got in about 9 so overall a good workout with the quick swim.


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