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Universal Sports: Live US Olympic Trials Programming

One of my favorite online 'television' channels WCSN has joined up with NBC/Universal to bring a new online venture for sports programming called UNIVERSAL SPORTS.  According to the posted press release at the new Universal Sports website;

Universal Sports will combine NBCU’s programming and production expertise and promotional power with WCSN’s leading online destination for Olympic sports plus its growing television network to create the preeminent multiplatform destination for Olympic sports programming.

In the first step of this new partnership, on Thursday, June 19 gymnastics fans and Friday, June 20 diving fans can now see live early-round coverage of the Olympic Trials on Universal Sports.  Previously, these early-round competitions have not had a platform on which to be viewed.

No word on what part of the swimming time trails in Omaha will be online live or otherwise.  Guess we will have to keep checking back.  I will admit to have watched several swimming events on WCSN in the past and really look forward to seeing more this summer.  Since NBC can only cover so much swimming and water polo on it's various networks I can only hope that more coverage will be available online.  Of course I'd like to be able to buy a "Season Pass" for all of swimming on iTunes but I know that won't happen this year.  Maybe by 2012 in London.

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Universal Sports


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