Royston Langdon Goes For A Run

Friday Morning

Swimming this morning was a bit harder than it should have been. Of course I started off the wrong foot with some negative attitude right from the warm up.  Even after taking Wednesday off from swimming my arms are a bit sore from my weight training.  I had planned on adding one more day to my two days a week weight training routine but I may hold off.  I took the warm up a bit easy just swimming about a 350 mixed freestyle and backstroke. 

After our "on your own" warm up it was time for the warm up set.  I wasn't ready for that.  The set was a 200  swim on 2:45 then 4x50's kick on 55.  Then a 200 swim on 2:45 folowed by 4x50's drill on 45.  Then another 200 swim on 2:45 followed by 4x50's swim on 40.  Our coach said to mix in some stroke with our free as the workout would have both.  Well I started my first 200 backstroke barely making the interval.  Like I said I wasn't ready for the set.  I missed 2x50's kick to take a pee break as I usually do during the kick portion of a workout.  Then my 2nd 200 I did it 175 back with a 25 fly.  The interval was still too quick.  After the that I moved over to a slower lane for the rest of the set.  I continued doing stroke.  It turns out that the 200 should have been free and that was why I was having a hard time with the warm up interval.  I moved back to the fast lane for the rest of the workout.

Main Set:
150 Free on 2:00
100 Stroke or IM on 1:30
4x50's Free Fast on ??
take extra rest but no more than 20 seconds
150 Free on 2:00
4x100's Stroke or IM fast on 1:45.  The 1st 100 I did all back.  The 2nd 100 I did fly/back/back/fly.  The 3rd one 75 fly / 25 back.  The 4th one all fly.  We had the wall lane so I was did the pattern to do fly away from the wall. 
50 Free Easy on ??
take extra rest but no more than 20 seconds
4x150's Fast Free on 1:50
100 Easy on 1:30 Did backstroke
50 Easy Free no interval

200 Pull Breathing every 3/5/3/7 by 50
6x75's.  1st/4th first lap NO BREATHING, 2nd/5th middle lap NO BREATHING and 3rd/6th last lap NO BREATHING.  OY!  During the no breathing 25's I took one breath in all of them but one which I was able to do no breathing.  I only used paddles for 2 of the 75's one of which was the one I was able to make without breathing.  Pulling with paddles is easier but with our narrow lanes and being in the wall lane I didn't want to kill my lane mates.

And that was it.  Over and done with.  Another week of swimming is over with.  I want to hit a gym spin class either later today or tomorrow but we will see.  I haven't been to a spin class in months.  I figure I'm riding on the streets more running errands but that really isn't the same thing as a spin class.


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