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Long Course Meters, Fuck, That's Long

In less than two weeks I'm doing something I've never done in my life.  I'm going to swim in a Long Course Meters swim meet!  When I was a kid I don't recall swimming in any LCM meets.  Mostly because I don't think there are too many in age group swimming. Plus it's fucking long!  But for insane reason I sent off my entry in today's mail for the Regional Championships for the Southern Pacific US Masters.  Oy!

Since I really enjoy the 1500 SCM I decided to swim the 1500 LCM.  Hey it's only 30 laps instead of 60.  That's half the flip turns and my turns suck.  That is the only and only event on the Friday. Then on Saturday I'm entered to swim the 400 LCM and the 200 LCM Butterfly.  To finish up the weekend if I decide to make it on Sunday I entered the 800 LCM and the 100 LCM Butterfly.  I assume that if you read this blog you know the 1500, 800 and 400 are freestyle events. 

My entry times are made up.  I basically took my SCM times pre-IGLA so my 2nd fastest times and converted them to LCM.  I forgot which website I used to do this as I was rushing to enter this morning before the morning mail pickup as they need to be post marked by tomorrow at midnight.  I used my 2nd fastest SCM times then converted them to LCM times and actually rounded up to give pretty flat times such as 19:10.0 for the 1500 for example.  I did this just in case I panic in my races as I'm not use to swimming long course. 

My goal is to get up bright and early and be at the Culver City pool at 6am tomorrow (Tuesday) and get in a Long Course workout.  Than I'll try one more this week.  Just to get use to swimming in a long course pool. 

I think this will be a fun meet and based on last years 2007 USMS Top 10 Times for my age group I should be able to get at least one for LCM if not more.  Yes, I'm doing it all for the glory!


I love LCM especially for the 200 Fly, it is so much easier to keep your rhythm. I got my Sectionals cut for it (I live in Texas), over here we switch between LCM (Summer) and SCY (Every other part of the year).

If you have any interest in my times,\GulfSwimming.mdb

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