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Yes I have a girlfriend, who lives in Canada!!

Monday Morning Swim

This morning the alarm on my iPhone when off on time at 5am.  After hitting snooze twice I really wanted to stay in bed as I had a rough sleep last night.  First I had a hard time falling asleep then I tossed and turned all night.  For some reason Sunday has always been a tough night for sleeping for me.  Luckily some guy was yelling to his girlfriend around 5:10 so that drove me out of bed.  First I heard her walk down the alley between out building and the building next door then I head her use the sliding door.  Then I heard the guy yelling "Ursula" over and over. 

I biked to swim nice and slow.  Once at practice it took me a bit to actually start swimming.  It was pretty chilly this morning!  I warmed up about a 300. 

Warm Up Set:
100 Free Kick
50 Free Drill
50 Free Swim

450 Pull.  First 200 breathing every 3/5/any/7 by 50 then the rest just DPS (distance per stroke)

Main Free Set:
3x225's Free on 3:00
3x125's Free on 2:00
3x75's Free on 1:15

Stroke Warm Up:
300 IM 25 kick / 25 dril / 25 swim

Main Stroke Set:
3x125's did these backstroke
3x75's on 1:15 I did these fly

Then I warmed down a 150.  Oy!  I was a bit sore and tired from yesterday.  At least I have today to recover.


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