Sunday Afternoon Swim
America's Olympic Heritage

Monday, Oh Monday

Monday.  I like the Monday morning workout as the turn out is pretty lite therefore the workouts are pretty easy.  Which is perfect a few days before a swim meet.  Take it easy, work on some pacing and that is about it.  It's too late for any major changes in the stroke itself of any technique.  It's just getting the body use to working on a pace.  With that said I got special attention and my own set this morning by the coach.  Another way to look at Monday's workout compared to Sunday's is this, after a tough Sunday afternoon workout you know the weekend is officially over while Monday being easier allows you to ease into the new week.

Warned up a mixed 400 with some butterfly and fly drill.  After that we had a warm up set 4x75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim.  One round of each stroke with 5 seconds rest in between each round.

After that the rest of the swimmers did a 400 IM broken kick 50 / drill 25 / swim 25.  While I did 4x100's pace on 1:15.  I did them on 1:09.

For the next part two other people joined me for a 400 pace.  The first 3 100's I did them all on 1:07.  The last one was on about a 1:05.  After the 400 yards my legs were like jelly.  I was kicking off the wall and after a few turns it was starting to get to me.  The last 100 I gave up on long underwater streamlines. 

Then after a 50 and a quick pee break all the lanes started the next set.

200 Free on 3:00 (I pulled these to give the legs a rest)
3x75's on 1:15 stroke/free/stroke (round one fly, round two back, round three breast)
125 IM on 2:30 (first round an extra 25 fly, second round an extra 25 backstroke and then we ran out of time so we never got to the extra 25 breast. we stopped after the 3x75's with the breaststroke)

I then warmed down a 200 nice and easy.  The workout was pretty laid back and easy.  I am liking Monday's as more people are swimming both weekend morning workouts and taking Monday as a recovery day.  This allows me to have easier intervals.  Which then allows me to work on what I want.  When I was swimming butterfly I really felt strong and good. I feel like the 200 LCM butterfly will be a snap.  The 1500 freestyle on Friday should be another good swim.  Everything else is just filler.  Well unless I swim on Sunday and do the 800 freestyle but that is up in the air. 

One thing that has turned up to be an issue of late is my left ankle.  During IGLA on my third day of swimming during the 200 I felt some pain.  Actually leading up to IGLA during a few swims I was feeling the pain.  Didn't really know what it was.  After my 200 Fly my ankle was purple and a bit swollen.  After IGLA I felt some very slight pain in my ankle when I ran to the gym.  Thursday when I was running the 5 miles I felt that slight pain again.  Since then swimming fly has made me realize that something is up.  I'm blaming the sneakers.  I'm beginning to think I'm not getting enough ankle support.  I'm flat foot and tend to pronate inwards.  I'm thinking that my sneakers aren't supportive enough putting undo pressure as my ankle turns inward due to over pronating.  Just my guess.  I'm not going to run before the weekend so after a week of staying off the ankle I will see if that works.  After this weekend I might have to consider buying new sneakers yet again.


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