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Oy! Swimming Long Course

With Regionals LCM only about a week away I decided I needed to swim a few long course workouts.  So instead of running to the gym for weights this morning I jumped on my bike and rode the 4 miles to the Culver City Plunge.  The Culver City Plunge has a lap swim from 6am - 8:30 that is LCM.  So I paid my $3 and got in the pool right at 6am.  I warmed up a mixed 600.  One of my coaches was nice enough to give me a long course workout. 

The only thing about swimming in long course is that I don't swim it enough to get a feeling for it.  I did do one lap swim a few months ago but the pool was crowded and I got out after 40 minutes of just doing laps.  This was my first long course workout in about two years.  I'd have to double check and I might have done one workout a year ago but seriously I was doing at least long course regularly during my training for the Gay Games two years ago.  Needless to say I got fatigued and tired so I did about 75% of the workout the coach gave me.  Okay maybe 60%.  But I made the key intervals!

Warmed up 2x200's mixed.  It was 4x200's broken drilling, kicking and swimming.  I just did two because I wanted to get to the main set. 

Main Set:
500 on 7:15.  Made it with plenty of rest.
300 on 4:30.  Once again made it.
700 on 10:30.  Made it even though I did have to swim around slower swimmers.
200 on 2:50.  Also made this.
Took a quick pee break.  Then talked to the other swimmers in my lane than warmed down a 200.  The workout still had another 1800 left in it.  I could have done it but it was already about 70 minutes into the workout.  Enough is enough.

I plan on swimming two more long course workouts before regionals.  I'll hit the pool again this Thursday and next Tuesday.  Tomorrow I'm going back to the short course pool for the 6am distance freestyle workout.  I'll just move around my recovery days to make sure I'm getting this long course workouts in. Also normally during this time I go to the gym and do weights.  That will happen later today.  Need to let the body recover a bit.


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