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When it comes to swimming size really does matter.  It’s not what one stuffs in his speedo but his arms, feet and body size that matters.  Two cases that prove size matters in swimming are Michael Phelps with his size 14 feet and Matt Grevers who is 6’8

If you watched any of the US Olympic Trials the other week you may have noticed that at every turn Phelps does dolphin kick off the wall propelling him ahead of everyone else before he even breaks the surface of the water.  His trick?  His size 14 feet act like two big fins making his kick one of the most powerful swimmers under water.  Phelps swim under water like one giant merman.

Matt Grevers who finished second in the 100 Backstroke in the US Olympic Trials in an upset against swimmer Ryan Lochte admits that being 6’8” was to his advantage.  Grevers is quoted in the NY Times as saying “I like touching people out and laughing about how their head might be ahead of mine and my arms still get them”.

Of course you don’t have to be tall to swim fast if you have good technique and practice, practice, practice.  But like they say the bigger the feet the bigger the…

Check out Terry Laughlin's book excerpt online on "How To Swim Taller" HERE


Just a race strategy note: I saw Mr. Phelps interviewed after the 400 IM, and he noted that he didn't do the big kicks off the wall on the breast-free turn saying that he knew the last turn would be key to the race and he wanted to save the energy for when he'd really need it.

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