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Some Nights It's Not Worth It.

Some nights and some mornings I get to practice and I just want to get out and go home during the warm up.  Tonight was one of those nights as the lanes were very crowded.  Warm up is a bitch when you have 6 people doing 6 different things.  I spend most of my time on the wall just trying to breath and not let this get to me.  I pretty much goofed off most of the workout to the last 25 minutes as people started to get out.  So may warm up was just me swimming laps mixing freestyle and backstroke.  Didn't count at all just swam.

After about 15 minutes of a warm up we had a warm up set of 8x75's.  The first four were 50 drill and 25 swim and the second four were 25 drill and 50 swim.  I mixed some strokes even doing one breaststroke. 

Main Set:
4x150's Free on 2:00
rest 30 seconds
4x150's IM (forgot interval)
rest 30 seconds
4x150's Stroke (forgot interval) did one fly and the rest backstroke.  It wasn't till the 3rd 150 backstroke that I started to feel okay about swimming.

50 easy

2x300's Pull breathing 3/5/3/7/3/5.  Damn, why didn't we do this earlier, oh cuz' the lanes were too crowded.  I love 300's so this was my favorite part of the workout.

2x25's and that was it.  It's so difficult swimming in a 25 yard pool with 5 or more people in it.  That is why the workout was short distance.  I will admit that I have issues when we get to 5 people in the lane.  I have to either lead or go last.  Beign 3rd or 4th just drives me crazy.  I feel like when I'm entering the wall at the turn it's so crowded and wavy.  It's just too much for me.  So I went last for the majority of the workout and just slacked it.  At least this morning I hit the gym and did weights.  So I'm not that much of a slacker.


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