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Sunday Afternoon Swim

Sunday Sunday Sunday, To The Gym & Back

Ahh...the weekend.  Saturday was my one day to do nothing.  I sat on the couch watching episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent via Netflix Roku Player.  I've watched the full first season and moved on to the second series.  After a full day of watching that while waiting for the no show plumber yet again it was time to go see Batman Dark Knight or whatever the call it.  
This morning I woke up and hit the pavement to the gym.

After a quick circuit weight training at the gym it was time to run home.

Since I'm swimming next Friday and Saturday at Regionals LCM I'm sorta on a taper.  I lifted but it wasn't too painful.  I skipped around from area to area as the gym was busy so I adjusted my routine towards easier training.  Later I'll be biking to swim and swimming.  Hopefully the turnout will be low and I can get some butterfly in today.  I feel like I've been neglecting my butterfly and with the 200 LCM butterfly next Saturday now is not the time to put butterfly on the backburner.


200 fly lcm. That scares me!

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