Swim Freestyle with Milorad Cavic
Monday Night Football

Back In The Water. Monday Morning Swim.

What can I say about the weekend besides me just being lazy.  I planned on just taking Saturday as a recovery day but ended up taking the whole weekend off from working out.  No swim, no gym and no run.  I should have ran last night but instead I sat on the couch and watched movies.  Of course that meant that this morning I'd be a bit sluggish trying to dust off those cobwebs and get moving.

Luckily for me it's Monday and the workout wasn't as demanding as it could have been.  Warmed up a 400 before our warm up set. 

2x400's.  The first one pulling.  The second one swimming.  I did these on 5:15.  I was by myself in the fast lane and the coach gave me a interval of 4:45.  That was a bit pushing it.  So I added 30 seconds and got 15 seconds rest.  I would of had to fly to make a 4:45 interval for 400 yards.

Main Set:
Why can't I remember it.  Hmm...I just remember that we were working on our freestyle kick while swimming.  I actually was kicking while swimming.  Which for me is really hard.  I hate kicking.  When I swim freestyle my feat just drag behind me as my upper body does all the work.  I know I did 50's on 45 and I did  4x200's on 2:45 freestyle rotating a 50 Kick from front to back the rest swim.  If I remember I'll post an update later.

Stroke Warm Up:
2x100 Kick / 50 Drill / 40 Swim.

Stroke Set:
100 on 1:45 fly
2x50's on 60 fly
4x25's on 30 fly
1x100 FAST Freestyle working on kicking on 2:00
100 on 1:45 back
2x50's on 60 back
2x25's on 30 back
1x100 FAST Freestyle working on kicking on 2:00

I took a slower interval for the stroke work to swim with another lane.  I just don't like to swim alone.  I may go running later or I may wait to tomorrow.  Once again tomorrow is Tuesday so I'm heading to Culver for the lap swim to get in some long course meters in.  Hopefully waking up tomorrow will be easier than this morning. 


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