Swim Butterfly With Milorad Cavic
Another Olympic Swimmer, Another Tattoo

Friday Morning Swim Practice

Not much to say about this mornings swim.  I biked to swim and arrived about 5:55am.  It's getting so dark in the morning.  Soon it will cold and dark.  Not a fun way to start the day.  Warmed up about a 350 before moving on to the warm up set.

Warm Up Set:
Twice (first round freestyle / second round stroke)
2x75's 50 kick / 25 swim
100 Drill
50 Swim

Main Set:
4x150's Free on 1:55
1x100 IM or Stroke on 1:30
3x150's Free on 1:55/1:50/1:55
2x75's Stroke on 1:10
2x150's Free on 1:50
3x50's Stroke on 55
1x150 Free FAST

50 easy

300 Pull on 4:00
100 Pull Breathing every 3 on 1:20
75 Pull Breathing every 5 on 1:10
50 Pull Breathing every 7
25 Pull Breathing every 9

Then I did a 100 warmdown


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