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Friday Morning

I wanted to sleep in.  I even hit the snooze button as my iPhone tried to wake me up.  Even as I was walking the bike out the front door at 5:42 I was thinking how nice it would be to sleep in.  Hell even during most of the warm up once I started to swim I was thinking I can head home and skip swimming.  I've left workouts before I can do it again. 

I stuck it out.  It wasn't pretty but I finished the workout.  Actually once I got past the warm up everything was okay.  As for the warm up I did about a 150 before we started the warm up set.  Some of which I had to take a pee break.  The warm up set was three times 75 Drill 1:10 / 4x50's Kick on 55 / 100 Swim / 25 Build.  First round freestyle, second round stroke choice and third round IM.  Before I head to swim I take my FRS energy drink with a big tumbler of water so I usually need to pee during the warm up set.  Plus I figure I'll get it out of the way so I can do the main set without stopping. 

Freestyle Main Set:
4x100's on 1:15
200 on 2:40
4x75's on 55 I think
2x200's on 2:40

The 200's were to be descended.  So the last 200 was to be 85-90%.  I really felt strong during most of the set.  Actually was doing pretty good timing.  The last 200 took all my energy. 

50 easy

Stroke or IM Set:
4x75s on 1:05 (i did them backstroke)
1x100 on 1:30 (i did it butterfly)
4x50's on 45.  (i did one fly, 2x back and one freestyle)
2x100's on 130 (i did them butterfly)

Like the 200s the 100's were to be descended.  I haven't been swimming that much butterfly recently so I was a bit rusty.  Between running last night and just my general feeling of being tired doing 3x100's butterfly was a bit much.  I don't even know if my stroke is looking good or not for the fly it was just a matter of finishing today. 

Don't know when I'll swim next my best guess is Tuesday.  I could try a lap swim first thing Saturday morning but who knows.  I may just take a few days off from swimming.  I won't swim Sunday afternoon as I'll have the Nike Human Race that evening.  So this might have been the last swim for August.  So three months to Short Course Meters Regionals.  Let the countdown begin. 


Three months!

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