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Over the weekend I came up with a workout for today which you can read LINK but when I got up and biked to the Culver City Pool my mind had changed a bit.  First of all only one other team mate was joining me this morning.  Second that person was my coach from yesterday and she was talking about my kicking when I swim.  Usually when I swim my feet are two little anchors that just drift back and forth behind me.  I don't kick.  My little size nine feet do more of a scissor like movement at best and not the fast small kick that is needed.  So I decided to work on my kick when swimming freestyle today.  Without having our typical intervals I was able to think about my kick.  I warmed up a 200 before starting a series of 100's.  4x100's broken 50 drill / 50 swim.  I then did a few more 100's I think 4 this time pulling thinking distance per stroke.  Then it was kick time.

4x50's Freestyle Swim on a minute.
take an extra 15 seconds
4x100's Freestyle Swim on 1:45. 

These intervals were easy as I was really working at adding the kick.

4x50's Freestyle Swim on 50
i rested a bit
4x100's Freestyle Swim on 1:45

then i chatted a bit with the coach about my kick.  she was counting my stroke cycle which was less than normal with my kick added in.

400.  I kept each 100 on a 1:29 pace.  Once again all I though about was kicking and kicking.  I don't think my legs moved so much in one workout.

4x50's Kick no board on 1:30.

100 warmdown

I just gotta keep on thinking about the kick.  I know I've mentioned it before but when the a coach mentions doing freestyle with a 6 beat kick I had to ask what that meant.  That was only a few months ago.  I don't know if I was doing a 4 or a 6 beat kick I just worked on just putting that kick in.   Counting would have over taxed my mind.

I didn't do a whole lot of meters/yardage but it was a quality swim. 


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