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Long Course Workout Tuesday

Myself and three other of my team mates swam a Long Course Meters swim workout during the Culver City Plunge Lap Swim this morning. I jotted down a workout and everyone followed.

Warm Up a 300. (300)

500 Pull 250 with Paddles / 250 without. I shared m paddles with someone so she did the reverse. (800)

I jotted down intervals but because we were at different swim levels those intervals went out the window. I worked on keeping to the same pace for each 100.

400 Swim I kept a 1:25 (1200)
600 Swim I kept the same 1:25 pace maybe 1:26 (1800)
400 Swim Keeping the same 1:25 pace maybe a bit faster (2200)
600 Swim Negative split this 600. First 3x100's on a 1:25 pace. Then 2x100's on a 1:20 pace and finishing up with a 1:15. If we keep this Tuesday workout going I'd like to be at my slowest on a 1:20 pace. So I got some improving to do. (2800)
200 Swim (3000)
4x50's Recovery (3200)

8x50's Sprint on 1:05 (3600)

100 warm down.

I also biked to and from the pool at about 4 miles each way. I use to hate long course but now I'm really liking it. Once you are in a groove it's just keeping in that and going.

I'm looking at my 1500 LCM Pacing from the meet the other week which were:


So now I just need to be consistent with a 1:20 pace during anything less than lets say maybe a 800.  Keeping a pace is almost easier in long course than short course!


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