Wednesday: Nike Training LA
AQUAview: Jason Dunford

Middle Distance Freestyle

After yesterdays long course meters freestyle workout concentrating on my kick it was back to short course yards this morning.  I got to admit it is a lot easier to work on one's stroke in a long course pool.  I did try to make sure I was kicking with my swim but to be honest when the intervals got tougher I went into my old style of swimming.  Which is all about the pulling.

Warmed up around a 350 on my own in between my chatting.  Then we did a warm up set of 50 Drill / 75 Swim four times with fist drill, catch up drill, finger tip drag drill and fist drill to finish it up.

Then we did a 400 Pull.  The first 200 breathe control by 50 every 3/5/any/7 and the last 200 just distance per stroke.

6x150's Freestyle on 2:00

Another 400 Pull.  This time the first 200 counting your strokes. So first 25 count and then second 25 minus one stroke.  Third 25 count stroke and then fourth minus two strokes.  Fifth 25 count strokes and then sixth minus three strokes.  Seventh 25 count strokes and then eighth minus two strokes.  The second 200 was just distance per stroke.

3x300's on 3:55 descend

4x25's on 30


The 150's I tried to put in as much kicking in my stroke.  But I was getting tired.  It takes so much energy to add in that kick.  I just feel so much slower.  For the 300's it was all about keeping a pace.  The third one was pretty fast.  For all three I was doing sub 1:10's on the splits.  My legs were killing me and I thought I was going to cramp up.  Pushing off the wall during the last 300 I was beginning to feel the cramps coming.  By the time we did the 4x25's I was so tired.  I just used them as part of my warm down.  


I'm with you. It's all about the pull for me too. I hate kicking! Lol. I've recently bought myself a speedo and have waded back in the pool to vary my workout. I love it. I swam and played water polo in high school. It's been nice to feel the burn of my lungs again...and that soreness all through your longer muscles. :-)

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