Here at The Nike Human Race
Nike+ "The Human Race" Celebrity Report

Running With The Human Race

Over 10,000 runners all running at the same time make an incredible invigorating sound as they hit the pavement.  Running in the Los Angeles Nike+ Human Race tonight I only kept one iPod earbud in as I wanted to listen to the sounds of the event.  Every so often along the run Nike had little stages that featured sounds from around the world.  I remember seeing and hearing Australia, Japan, China, France and others that I just can't place right now.  The Can Can blasting as I passed the France stage inspired me to run even harder. 

But the real sound that got me going was the sound of those 10,000 runners pounding the pavement.  At various points when you had the runners running both directions on the street the sound of feet hitting the street was amazing.  The runners created the real soundtrack of the night. 

I got to admit that I don't like running at night.  I like to see where I am running.  Something about running the potholed riddled streets of Los Angeles make me a bit nervous.  Oh and I didn't do my best 10K time tonight.  But that doesn't matter.  These big races are for fun and let's face it I'm not a serious runner. 

After the run I grabbed myself some water, a quick trip to the restroom and then headed over to the VIP area to get some food.  I really want to thank the folks at Nike who put me on that list.  Thanks! 

As for my time and all I will post that later.  For some reason my Nike+ Sportband isn't synching right and I'm too lazy to restart my mac.  The official results via the time chip will be up in a few days.  I'll deal with my slow 10K time in another post.  But for now I just want to remember the sound of 10,000 runners hitting the pavement.  It was inspiring!

Results are up online at LINK

My time sucked but like I said it was a fun run!  Times don't matter. Oh and I ranked 41,639 for all of The Human Race. 


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