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Tuesday Morning LCM Workout

Below is an email i sent out to a few friends / swim mates of mine.  We are starting a little group of swimmers to hit the Lap Swim at Culver City Plunge.  Every Tuesday we will be working on distance swimming.  Not much coaching.  I'll come up with a workout in advance.  We will all put some ideas and modify it before hand.  Then all meet, pay our three bucks and swim.  For more information email me.  Everyone is welcome.  This is an unofficial swim workout.  It's just a bunch of people in one lane that happens to be working the same workout.  Since it is a lap swim once again we just happen all to be in the same lane swimming the same workout.  It's a small world after all...

I added a few new people to the list so for those who are getting this email a few of us are heading to Culver City Plunge at 6am on Tuesday to get some LCM workouts in.  Let me know if you want to come.  Here is this week's workout:

I'm sending this in advance so I can get input.  I went online and studied a bit about workouts for distance swimmers.  Three things kept coming up:  1.  Pace Work,  2.  Pulling and 3.  Distance Per Stroke.  So this week I thought we'd work on Pacing.  Don't worry I make a fun Pulling workout for next week.  Get some muscle rub for those shoulders!

Warm Up

200 Swim
50 One Arm Drill Freestyle (split by 25 r/l)
50 Free Swim
50 Finger Tip Drag Freestyle
50 Swim
50 Catch Up Drill
50 Swim
50 Fist
50 Swim (600 about 6:15)
3x100's Pull (1 Joel's Paddles, 1 Sara's Paddles, 1 No Paddles) (900 / 6:20)

Pace Work
2x100's  on 1:40
200 Keeping the same pace as those 2x100's (1300 / 6:30)

3x100's on 1:45
300 keeping the same pace as those 3x100's (1,900 / 6:45)

4x100's on 1:50
400 keeping the same pace as those 4x100's (2700 / 7:00)

5x100's on 1:50
500 keeping the same pace as those 5x100's (3,700 / 7:20)

warm down


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