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Wednesday Morning Swim

After swimming Long Course yesterday it was a breeze this morning swimming short course.  This being Wednesday we had our choice between freestyle and stroke workouts.  I decided to do the freestyle workout.  During our warm up we hit a hitch as one of the lane lines broke.  They tried to fix it but we ended up having to swim without a lane line.

I warmed up about a 200 as I was too busy chatting and then the broken lane line screwed up the warm up.  The freestyle lanes then did a 100 distance per stroke while the coach got the stroke lanes going.

We then did a 400.  Alternating 50 Drill / 50 Swim. 

Main Set:
3x350's on 4:30.  I was leading the lane and was getting 15-20 seconds rest.  My lane mates were getting 5 seconds rest if any at all.  They did the first two then by the third one all just stood by the wall or took pee breaks.  One by one as they re-entered the set each person would then push off on my feet.  So here I was working even harder cuz' these wankers had no common courtesy.  We regrouped after the 350's.

400 Pull.  I did the first 300 with paddles but stopped and took them off.  I ended up going behind the other swimmers for the last 100.  Actually I lost count so I was letting them go ahead of me so I'd just stop when they did.  Before we started the 400 our coach gave us an interval but said it's up to the lane leader to decide if we needed more rest.  Before we left I told everyone we'd regroup at the end of the 400.  The person leading during the last 100 of this 400 who did only a 100 of the last 350 decided on his own to stay on the 400 interval and left to start the next part.

3x250's on 3:15.  Funny the new lane leader didn't make the first 250.  I basically was on his feet the whole time so I moved to lead the lane for the rest of the set.  We had to change the interval since everyone but me didn't make the intervals.

3x100's Kick on 1:55 (Okay so now it was my turn to take a bit off as I took a pee break)

6x150's on 2:00.  Pretty much I had the lane to myself for this set.  Everyone else bailed.  I was doing about 1:50's on the first three and then descended the last three ending about about a 1:45 for the last one.

And that was it.  This workout was just annoying to me.  I understand that our lanes are made up of people with different skill sets.  But jeez if you are going to sit out something you need to remember that when you get back in the water to not jump on the feet of the guy in front of you who hasn't been sitting out.  That guy is working his ass of and is getting tired and here you are all rested and ready to sprint.  It's like Back Off!   Of course that just makes me work harder which might be a good thing.  Ugh!  At least tomorrow is my day off from swimming. 


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