AQUAview: More Dr. McSwimmy
What Can't Ian Thorpe Do?

1:15 Base Workout SCY

Todays workout was all about the 1:15.  Between swimming and then weights yesterday I was a bit sore.  I warmed up around a 325.  Then we went into 4x100's on 1:15.  After that we did 5x100's with 10 seconds rest.  These 100's were broken 50 drill / 50 swim with the following drills:  swordfish, one arm, finger tip drag, catch up and fist.

Main Set:
100 Swim on 1:15
400 Pull on 5:00
200 Swim on 2:30
300 Pull on 3:45
300 Swim on 3:45
200 Pull on 2:45 (extra 15 seconds rest off the 1:15)
400 Swim on 5:00.  Okay so we took some extra rest here while I let me lane mate catch up.  Plus I barely made it.  I was thinking that it was on 5:15 not 5:00.   Opps.
100 Pull on 1:15
500 Swim on 5:15. 

easy 100

1x50 on 60 drill/swim
1x50 on 55 swim
1x50 on 60 drill/swim
1x50 on 55 swim

warmed down a 100

I was tired and sore today.  I had a horrible night sleep last night and with yesterday swim and then weight training my body was beat.  I really liked that main set even though it was touch and go at some points.  I really thought about each turn and push off. 

Yesterday I did hit the gym.  I ran to the gym and the sportband seemed to work for a change.  I didn't have my iPhone with me so maybe it really does disrupt the signal between the Nike+ Sportband and the Sensor.  I'll have to run without the iPhone or put it in Airplane mode for my next few runs.

After the gym I ran home.  I was feeling beat and tired.


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