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Since I slept in this morning I decided to swim tonight so I got on the bike and huffed my way to the pool.  Night workouts are 90 minutes and for the most part when I go I swim the whole time but not tonight.  I just was having a hard go of it tonight so I picked up my stuff and left after an hour.  Which is what 1/3 of the night time swimmers do anyways so I don't feel that bad.  Plus I plan on swimming tomorrow morning at 6am with a nice long course swim.

We started off with about a 10 minute warm up I really don't know how much I did as I wasn't counting.  I did a 250 free, then another 150 mixed back and fly, a 100 pull, a 150 kick and some more swimming. 

We then started off with a kick set which I gave it my all.  Normally I slack off during kick sets.  2x100 on 2:10 / 3x50's on 1:05/1:00/:55.  I did one round fly and the second round freestyle.

Then we went on to a warm up stroke set:
50 Drill forgot interval
2x25's on 25 swim
1x100 IM drill on 1:40
1x100 IM swim on 1:30
for the 50 & 25's we did one round of each stroke (fly/back/breast)

Main Set: 
300 Pull on 4:00
200 Swim on 2:50
100 broken 50 fly / 50 back (forgot interval)
100 Free on 1:20
100 broken 50 back / 50 breast (forgot interval)
100 Free on 1:20
100 broken 50 breast / 50 free (forgot interval)
I think the workout called for this to be done 3x.  I left after one time and then did a 100 warm down. 

The intervals were a bit too tight for my taste.  I forgot what the broken 100's were on but I do remember having little rest.  I should have stuck it out and swim the whole workout but once I started to go negative in my mind every pain that I have had in the last few weeks started to act up.  It's funny how we can sabotage ourselves in workouts.   Damn it's only 8:36 and it feels like midnight.  Hopefully I'll be in a better swim mood in the morning.

Oh and a note to my lane mate Dan:  I don't bash my lane mates in every post.  It was a pleasure swimming with you.  Even if sharing the wall lane wasn't so bad tonight!


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