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Go Swim - Swimming Set of the Week - September 16, 2008

Alarm Clock Woes

So the difference between 5am and 6am is an hour but in daylight it seems like the difference is like night and day.  This morning I woke up from my alarm at what I thought was 5am.  I got up, went to change into my bathing suit and shorts, grabbed my stuff and my morning cup of water.  Sitting down with the morning paper I remember that it is dark outside and I'll need a light on my bike so I get up and replace the batteries in my lamp and put it on my bike.  Thinking it's still only 5:20 I had 5 minutes before I need to leave to bike to Culver.  At this point I look up at closed curtains in the front living room and notice that it seems a bit bright outside.  I walk to the front door and true enough it is bright outside.  I glance at my phone and realize that it is now 6:26 not 5:26.  I grab my stuff and start to bike to Culver.  I get a few blocks and decide it's not worth the hike as it'll take me less than 30 minutes but by the time I do get there the lanes will be crowded.  So I head to West Hollywood for that lap swim.

I ended up doing an okay workout even if it wasn't what I had in mind.  Here it is:

400 Swim taking it very slowly working the turns and walls. (400)
200 Pull With Paddles (600)
200 Pull Without Paddles (800)
400 Swim (1200)

10x100's Kick on 2:00.  Yes the guy who hates kicking gave himself 10x100's kick.  The interval was easy enough that I was able to just kick and not worry about making an interval or having someone on my feet the whole time.  I tired to descend them with the 9th one being on about 1:35 and the 10th one got a bit messed up as I was chit chatting with someone. (2200)

10x50's on 45 Freestyle (2700)

10x100's on 1:45 Stroke.  1 IM, 1 Fly, 1 Back, 1 Breast, 1 Free.  Take extra rest and repeat.  (3700)

10x50's Freestyle on 45 (4200)

I then warmed down a 200.  (4400)

During the workout my lane mates changed and I actually changed lanes as lanes would empty out.  I had a workout in mind but I adjusted it  as I went along so I wouldn't be struggling with other swimmers.  The intervals were very generous to say the least but when I'm by myself it doesn't really matter.  I really concentrated on working those turns and push offs.  Keeping streamline and kicking like hell.  In time I wont have to think about each turn and push off it'll just happen.  But for now taking my time and doing them right is my focus.

Total workout today 4400 Yards.


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