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Dr. McSwimmy

Monday Morning Post Bowl Swim

Not fully recovered from the night at the Hollywood Bowl I still managed to get up and head to swim this morning.  Once in the pool I was tired and sore from yesterdays swimming and weight training. 

I warmed up a 300 before we did our warm up set.  3x150's as follows.  100 swim / 50 kick, 50 swim / 100 kick then 150 kick.  We continued wiht 3 more 150's this time 50 drill / 100 swim using the following drills:  finger tip drag, catch up and fist.

After that it was some quick pace work of 6x100's freestyle on 1:15.  Descend 1-3 rest 15 extra seconds then descend 4-6.  My first three were pretty slow but was able to rally during the second round.

150 easy

100 Fast Free.  I didn't have a lot of speed.  I was only able to muster a 1:02.

Stroke Warmup Set:
3x150's 50 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim.  One of each stroke.

Stroke Set:
50 on 55
25 on 30
25 on 40
100 Fast on 1:40
I did round 1 and 3 butterfly and round 2 backstroke.  My times were okay but still not so great.  My butterfly seems stronger than it was a week ago but the speed just isn't back. 

2x25's working on push off and streamline on 40 seconds.

Warmed down.

Tomorrow is my long course swim day.  I am modifying a workout I found online which is all about pace work with a series of 100's.  Basically with the pace I have in mind I'd be swimming 15x100's on a 1:25 interval giving me about 4 seconds rest after each 100. 

Comments that I found the workout I was basing this off I see that they were getting lots more rest than 5 seconds. I was thinking 1:25 on the suggestion of a coach of mine. We are going under the assumption that when I do swim at meets I still have energy left. We are trying to get me to push myself harder during the 1500. We believe and some people have posted in comments to my 1500 meet times that I come back too fast so I must have not gone out as fast as I could earlier on. I think I'll do them on 1:30 giving me around 10 seconds rest.

Four seconds rest is barely enough time to turn around. It would probably be easier with that short an interval just to swim the 1,500 without any breaks and do proper turns instead. You may want to consider swimming your 100s at your 1,500 race pace and give yourself a ten or fifteen second rest on the interval instead. That'll let you work on your pacing and speed while giving you enough rest to survive the set in 'reasonably' good shape. I would think choosing the ten second rest, however, would make it a very tough set for any master swimmer.

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