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Swimming That Dang' Breaststroke

After my little outburst of frustration on Sunday during swim practice I swam on my own Monday and Tuesday.  It was my way of stepping back from the ledge and gaining perspective.  Today I went to practice without thinking of anything but just having a good swim.  Turnout was pretty light and I was the only fast lane swimmer so my lane was made up of one of the faster medium lane swimmers and another person of an undetermined speed. 

I took my time during our 10 minutes warm up and only got in a 200.  In the morning I stay on deck till the coach arrives then I just sorta swim a 50 at a time chit chatting along the way.  After that we had our warm up set.

2x50's Kick 10 seconds rest in between the 1st and 2nd then right into
50 drill / 50 swim rest 10 seconds after the swim
100 kick then rest 10 seconds
I did all three rounds butterfly.

Main Set:
200 Broken Race Strategy:  75 on 1:15 / 50 on 60 / 50 on 60 / 25 on 60
200 Fast on 3 minutes
The first round I did fly, second round backstroke and third round breaststroke.   My butterfly of late is pretty sad so doing a 200 butterfly is bloody murder.  I don't know what it is but I am just struggling with it.  My timing is off in every party of the stroke from breathing to kicking.  I really need to have someone look at my stroke and work on it but it's so hard for the coaches to give anyone one on one instruction.  I used the backstroke as a recovery and then tried to think about my breaststroke.  Since it is by far my weakest stroke I decided to work on it today since the intervals were generous.

After an easy 50 we did 8x50's sprint.  First 4 were freestyle on a minute and the secnd 4 were stroke on 1:05.  I alternated fly and back.

When I was swimming my 200 fly my legs felt like jello.  Maybe I did too much butterfly kick during warm up or maybe those 10x100's freestyle kick yesterday did me in.  Either way I just need to figure out what is going on with my butterfly. 


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