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Drunk Rescued from Swimming Pool

No, this post isn't about me it's about this poor little drunk pony.  A pony who was gorging himself on some fermented apples seemed to have started to walk on the pool Ponypool460 cover only to fall into the water.  From the news article LINK:

A drunk pony was rescued from a swimming pool after gorging on fermented apples and falling into the water.

The pony, called Fat Boy, broke in to Sarah Penhaligon's garden in Newquay, Cornwall, to get to the fruit, which had fallen from trees.

After reading this story I'll never again complain about swimming with fallen leaves and branches again.  The last few mornings have been so windy swimming at the outdoor pool has felt like I was swimming in a tree house.  But a few leaves and branches are nothing compared to a horse or even a VW Bus.  Yeah, once a VW Bus was found in the Roosevelt High School Pool when the team arrived to swim one morning.  That had to suck for the swimmers and the VW Bus owner.


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