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3,000 SCY Lap Swim

Another morning brings another swim.  Since I most likely won't be making any workouts over the weekend I'm decided to squeeze one more in during the week.  The good news is that on Saturdays our team is back at RHS from LCM swims in the morning.  So starting next week I'll be waking up on Saturdays and getting two LCM workouts in a every week. 

Warmed Up
300 Swim
300 Kick
400 Pull.  I was sharing a lane at this point so it was more like 4x100's on about a 1:45 interval.  Since I was sharing the lane I worked the interval around the lady who I was swimming with.  It's nice when you have someone who understands intervals and you can work around with. (1100)

16x50's on 50 IM switches.  Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free, Free/Butterfly (1900)

3x300's on 4:00 First one pull w/ paddles, Second one pull w/o paddles and Third one swim.  The pulling and swimming around my lane mate made the first two 300's a bit tight with the interval but the swim one I finished with 20 seconds to spare.  (2800)

I warmed down a broken 200.  The last 100 of the warmdown I did underwater no breathing.  I read somewhere once that a good way to tell if you are wamed down is you should be able to do a 25 under water no breathing.  I came to about 20 yards so that was close enough.

I had planned on running 5 miles tonight at the Niketown Run Club LA but since it's going to be 96 F today I might skip it.  Which means 2 weeks of no running!  Doh! 


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