Proposed Tuesday LCM Swim
What's Wrong With This Swim Meet?

4000 LCM Lap Swim

I was on my own this morning for the LCM lap swim.  My other mates in my group all bailed on me for one reason or another.  I debated on skipping the workout or swimming at the WeHo short course yards pool but finally decided to take the challenge of a long course workout.  I was able to get a lane by myself for about a 200 before I was joined by another swimmer.  By the time I was done with the warm up set I was sharing the lane with two swimmers.  It wasn't too bad.  I'd catch up to them and pass them without too much drama.  I finished up my 4000 meter workout feeling pretty good if a little beat up. 

400 S / 300 P / 200 S / 2x50's Build.

200 FR 3:40  (200/1200)

4 x 100  1:30 (400/1600) I took an extra 10 seconds on the last one to make room for a lap swimmer.

400 FR  7:20 (400/2000)   

3 x 100 1:30 (300/2300) took an extra 20 seconds on the last one to make room for a lap swimmer

600 FR  11:00 (600/2900) (at one wall stopped right before the wall and changed directions to get out of the way of two lap swimmers hanging by the wall0

2 x 100 1:30 (200/3100) I took an extra 20 seconds once again as I wanted to put space between me and the lap swimmers

800 FR  14:40 (800/3900)

1 x 100 warmdown(100/4000)


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