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The Pacific Design Center building is informal...Image via WikipediaAfter sleeping in this morning I decided to head over for the lunchtime lap swim at the WeHo Pool.   Since it's a picture perfect sunny day in LA I figured the pool was going to be packed so I didn't even bother to think up a workout.  I already had the last two Tuesday morning workouts in my bag so I figured I'd make it up as I go based on those swims.   Luckily the pool was pretty empty with 1 or 2 people per lane except for the "therapy" lane which had more.

I get in the lane with a cute little old lady who had a Hello Kitty water bottle. I wait to she gets to the wall to let her know I'll be swimming with her and that I'll do my best to stay out of her way.  She was nice and we shared the lane without incident for my first 1000 yards.

Warm Up
300 Swim
300 Pull
300 Kick
100 Swim  (1,000)

I then did 4x50's IM order drill / swim (1,200)

Main Set: 24x100's
6x100's Free on 1:35/1:30/1:25.  Easy interval.  It was the same interval I did yesterday in my LCM workout.
6x100's Pull on 1:30
6x100's Kick on 1:55
6x100's Free 1:45 for the first one then 1:30's for the rest.  I had to swim around my new lane mate.  She wasn't as nice and to be nice let's just say the letter C. (3,600)

4x100's No Interval because of the C.  1st 100 IM, 2nd 100 50 fly / 50 back 3rd 100 75 fly / 25 back and 4th 100 all fly.  I tried to go fast during the last 100 but my time was pretty slow for a 100 fly.  (4,000)

50 warm down.  I was going to goof off a bit and lounge but people started to arrive to swim so I figured I should go.  That and I was feeling the sun and I had forgotten my sunblock, doh!   So not bad 4,050 yards in a short one hour and about 20 minutes.  That included my little chit chats with the various life guards.  They are all really nice at the WeHo Pool.  Well that is it.  Might swim tomorrow am during the lap swim, maybe!

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