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IM SCY Morning Workout

.7 + .5 = 1.2 Miles

At lunch ran to the gym did my circuit routine and started to run back.  I stopped running just cuz' my body told me too.  Between biking and swimming this morning my legs were just not feeling it.  Even circuit weight training was a bitch even though I did increase some of my weights by the smallest amount possible but still.  Yes, I actually put on those 2.5 lbs discs on each side of the chest weight machine things to add some weight.  Small increase but an increase.  Tomorrow morning is another swim day then Friday and that is it for the week.  Well except for the UCLA Meet on Saturday which I'm not tappering for.  It's not a big deal and I really doubt I'll be faster than my 800 SCM time from IGLA this summer which was 9:52.36.  My goal is to just be under 10 mins.  Here are my splits from that IGLA swim:


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