Drunk Rescued from Swimming Pool

Friday Morning Semi-Taper Swim

Lately the 6am swim has been made up of mostly medium lane swimmers and very few fast lane swimmers.  Which is a good thing as I've been getting some extra rest.   Today was a perfect example of that and I liked having a bit extra rest the day before a swim meet.  Mind you this isn't a big meet or anything so no tapering is called for but I did give myself a mini semi taper.  I skipped running last night so my legs would be nice and relaxed.  Then this morning as you will see I took the easy intervals.

Warmed up a 250 on my own.  Warm up set 100 kick / 4x75's kick / 50 swim.  Then we did a 100 drill / 4x75's drill / 50 swim.  I missed a 75 kick to use the restroom.

Then we did the last part of warm up twice with a 75, a 50 and 3x25's. 

Main Set:
12x100's as follows
3x1:30 / 1x1:25
2x1:30 / 2x1:25
1x1:30/ 3x1:25
I pulled the first four.  After that I swam them keeping a nice easy pace around a 1:12.  Afterwards I asked the coach what would have been my intervals and she said they would have been 1:15/1:10 OUCH!  Glad I was a slacker today.

Stroke Set:
12x75's as follows
1-4 I did 50 fly / 25 back
4-8 I did 50 back / 25 breast
9 I did fly/back/breast
10 I did back/breast/free
11 I did breast/free/fly
12 I did all fly and did it on 51 seconds.
We did this set on 1:25 I think.  There was a bit of confusion at first so I think we started off on a 1:20.

Tomorrow will be an easy day as I'll be swimming the 800 free and then a few 100 stroke events.  Using the meet as just a workout and to see how my training is going.  I never seem to do any personal bests at this pool so I am not stressing out or putting too much stock into this meet.  Just a day to get up and swim and collect a few ribbons.


Best of luck tomorrow Joel!!

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