Niketown 5 Miler
Showing Up Late

Friday Morning

It was a mighty chilly morning.  The water temp was once again a bit warm so with a chill in the air it made swimming just that much worse.  It's hard to get motivated when the water is warm.  I always feel almost sick when I'm swimming.  Even with not even a drop of wine last night and a full night sleep I was just not feeling the workout.  I took my time and did not worry about putting in good times.  Just making the intervals was enough for me today.  I got a little frustrated at one point in the workout as I was leading the lane with only one other person in the lane who decided to go 5 seconds  apart.  A third into the main set I insisted the other person lead and I then went 10 seconds apart.  I just don't get that sometimes when you have two people in a lane but the person just is on your feet the whole time.  It's either lead or go 10 seconds apart.  Damn drafters. 

Warmed up a 250

Kick Set:
25 Kick / 25 Swim
50 Kick / 50 Swim
75 Kick / 75 Swim
100 Kick / 75 Swim
Round one I did fly.  Took a pee break during the 100 kick then swam a 100 IM.  Second round I did it IM.

6x75's Swim 1-3 50 Free / 25 Stroke IM order on 1:10 & 4-6 Free on 1:00

Main Set:
200 Free on 2:30
4x150's on 2:10 100 Free / 50 Stroke rotating IM order
200 Free on 2:30
4x100's (forgot interval think it was 1:30) 50 Free / 50 Stroke rotating im order
200 Free on 2:30
4x50's Stroke IM order (forgot interval)

75 distance per stroke
100 breathing every 3/5/7/9
50 Build
25 Sprint no breathing.

then I warmed down a 50

The main set flew by and workout was done before I even noticed.  Which is a good thing.  Those workouts when you just keep counting down hoping for the workout to be over make for very long workouts.  Well that is it for today.  Swimming is done!


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