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IM SCY Morning Workout

On the way to swim practice I had a bit of misfortune as my iPhone came out of it's sportband and went crashing down on the street.  Luckily it didn't face the fate of my bike light by being crushed by a car but the iPhone glass is pretty cracked up.  Note to self:  never buy anything by Incase again.

Once at the pool it took me some time to ease into the pool starting with a very slow 250 warm up.  We then did a 50 kick / 50 swim / 50 drill / 50 swim three times one of each stroke minus the free. 

Stroke Set:
Broken 200 IM on 3:15 as follows 75/50/50/25 taking 5 seconds rest at each break
200 IM on 3:15
Broken 200 Free n 3:00 same as abve
200 Free on 3:00

Main Stroke Set:
3x75's on 1:20/1:20/1:30 50 fly / 25 back
125 on 2:00 IM w/ 25 extra fly
3x75's on 1:20/1:20/1:30  50 back / 25 breast
125 on 2:00 IM w/ 25 extra back
3x75's on 1:20/1:20/1:30 50 breast / 25 free
125 on 2:00 IM w/ 25 extra breast

50 easy

8x50's n 55 1-4 fly / 5-8 free as follows 1st 25 sprint, middle 25 sprint, last 25 sprint, full 50 easy.

warmdown just a 50.  i pretty much lingered in the water as the water temp was warm and the air was cold.  I hate warm pools but once you are in it's hard to get out.  It's like lounging at a hotel pool.  During today's workout I actually tried to work on my weakest link the breaststroke.  Since I'm doing my first 100 IM this Saturday since the summer of 2005 I figured some breaststroke work is needed.

Besides my iPhone going all smashy smashy my swede googles strap broke while puting them on.  Today is not my day.  Time to reboot and start all over.


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