100 SCM IM 1:12.53
The Morning Swim Show: Olympic Gold Medalist Adolph Kiefer

It's Monday So It's Time To Get Back In The Pool

After Saturday's swim meet I took Sunday off from all working out and just sat on the couch watching Dr. Who and CSI.  I've now watched every episode of all three CSI shows that are available on Netflix streaming.  Which is odd since the show is not only badly written but badly acted and on top of that I'm pretty squimesh when it comes to blood and gore.  So many times I had to turn away or put the hand in front of my eyes to avoid some of the blood and gore. 

After my day off it was time to get back into the water.  I tried my best to use what I learned from my swims on Saturday and put them to practice this morning.  But my body had other designs on the workout.  Today was the day for the built up lactic acid to be pushed out of me. 

Warmed up a mix 450.

Then we did a 5 minute kick set.  Five continious minutes of freestyle kick with 10 seconds burst in between 20 seconds recovery by the coaches whistle.  Just a note for future reference 6:10am is too early in the morning to be listening to someone blow a whistle. 

Drill 50 Swim 100 first round the drill was one arm the second round finger tip drag.  10 seconds rest between each round.

400 Pull

50 easy

400 Pace.  I was doing 1:14's with a 1:09 for the last 100.

3x25's / 2x50's.  The 50's were all out sprints.

50 easy.

3x50's on 50/50/1:05 Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free
100 IM on 1:30
3x50's on 50/50/1:05 Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free
100 IM on 1:40
3x50's on 50/50/1:05 Fly/Back, Back/Back, Back/Free
100 did this fly and came in around a 1:07


I might have skipped something in the beginning but that was close.  During the 400 pace it was a real long haul for me.  Really didn't feel like I had anything.  But it was a nice recovery workout.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ready for faster pace swims.


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