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Swimming poolImage by ZaCky ॐ via FlickrI had a good night sleep last night so I figured this morning I'd be up and ready for another week of workouts.  But that reality was shattered as soon as my alarm went off at 5am.  After a brisk bike ride to the pool I thought I had mustered enough energy for a good morning workout.  The two days of no swimming really seemed to weigh me down making my body try to remember how to swim. 

I warmed up a 250 before the coach held us up.  Then we did 2x25's drill which were one arm and then swordfish drill.  One arm drill is when you pull with one arm with the other arm by your side breathing to your non-pulling side.  Swordfish drill is when you are on your side but your face is looking down in the water while you kick 12 beats before pulling and switching sides.

500 broken 50 drill / 50 swim.  Drills:  swordfish, one arm, finger tip drag, catch up and fist.

Main Free Set:

300 Pull on 4:15
3x150's on 2:15
the first round the 300 pull was distance per stroke.  counting your strokes going to the deep end then trying to remove 2 strokes on the way back.  The 150's were pace.
the second round the 300 pull was race strategy.  The 150's were descending,

Then we did a 25 to the deep end.

Deep end kicking with 6x50's.  Starting at the flags in the deep end we did deep end kicking or vertical kicking with 6x50 kick on a minute.  So you'd be doing your vertical kicking then on the top you'd switch to swimming do a 50 with the 2nd flip turn back to being under the flags.  This was really a killer set.

Then a 25 to the shallow end.

6x25's  Odds free fast on 50 / Evens choice fast on 30 (i did these butterfly)

I then did a 150 warm down.

It took most of the workout for me to get myself going.  My body was tight and just didn't have any speed.  The 150's pace were all over the place as I just couldn't get into any pattern.  I'm sure that tomorrows swim will be a lot better.  My body just needed to remember how to swim after 2 days off. 

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I was off for a week on a business trip and I noted the 'slick' feeling when I finally made it back to the pool. On relating this with my coach I was told those who swim at the top levels of the sport can get this feeling just from their weekly day off. I hope I never swim that much!

It is funny, isn't it, how a little time off can affect us!

After one day off I usually feel strong in the water, after two things are a bit iffier!!

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