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Oversleeping And Biking As Fast As I Can

View from the starting block of a competition ...Image via WikipediaMy alarm went off at 5am on my iPhone but being in a deep sleep I can only remember it vaguely before hearing a noise outside my window forcing me to realize I had over slept.  I looked at the iPhone and realized it was 5:48 and swim starts at 6:00.  I scrambled to get my suit and clothes on while trying to get a quick energy boost.  I figured that I really have to 6:10 or I'd be really late.  I biked as fast as I could ignoring a few traffic laws to make it.  I was able to get in the pool and swim 100 before the 6:10 deadline. 

Once in the water I realized that after my stumble during my run last night my ankle was a bit sore.  During the kick set I really noticed a bit of pain.  Luckily I overslept cuz' if I had woke up and felt pain I would have skipped swimming.  But since I was in a panic to make swim I didn't really think about it.

Warm Up Set:
2x200's Kick
some drilling
and some more swimming
2x25's Swim (was supose to be 4 but we screwed up)
Oh Shit!  I don't remember this warmup.  I know we had some 75's and 50's.  Some of it was drill and some of it was swim.  It was a long warm up set. 

Main Set:
7x100's Free on 2x1:15, 1x1:10 and don't ask me the rest.  I basically just went 10 seconds after my lane mate.
75 easy
5x100's Stroke.  I think 1:25.  I did these backstroke
50 easy
3x100's on 1:10.  I made the first one with time to spare, the second one was touch and go and well the third one was impossible.
25 easy
1x100 Stroke.  I did IM.

Warm Down Set
125 breathing 3/7/3/7/3 on 1:50
75 breathing 3 times / 2 times / 1 time per lap
25 Fast  I did the 25's fast

Today was Friday so it was my turn at the wall lane.  I was hoping for easier intervals but one of the faster swimmers showed up so that was out the window.  I made the intervals for the most part but technique went out the window.  It was just a matter of me making the intervals.  I should be able to do fast swims with good technique but today just wasn't one of those swims. 

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