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Saturday Morning Lap Swim

I decided to get up and swim at the 7am lap swim.  Normally Saturday is my recovery day but since our team has no Sunday afternoon swim tomorrow I figured I needed to do some swimming today.  Headed over to the pool on bike and kept hoping for the rain to hold back for a bit. 

Warmed up
400 Swim
300 Pull
200 Kick
100 Swim

4x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim taking 10 seconds rest
8x25's on 30 1-4 IM order 5-8 Reverse IM order

Took a quick pee break then did a 50 pull / 50 kick. Then one of my team mates joined me.  Since he was a bit slower than me I did the set IM while he did it freestyle.

2x25's on 30 Fly/Back
3x50's on 60 IM Order
4x75's on 1:20 (i think) IM no free
5x100's IM on 1:45

swam a 50 and took another pee break.  too much water before swimming this morn.  my lane mate got out so I started to swim on my own.  Due to powers beyond my control, i.e. stupid lap swimmers, I ended my workout earlier than I wanted.

2x25's Free on 25
3x50's Free on 40
4x75's Free on 1:00
1x100 Free. 

Only 1x100 free as I realized it was time to get out.  On my last 75 free I was doing a flip turn when my feet his something.  A lap swimmer decided that a good time to get in the water would be just when another swimmer, being me, was doing a flip turn.  Luckily I only hit her legs but still how stupid can someone be.  She got in and did a 50 before moving over a lane.  At least she did that.  When i was finishing up my frist 100 someone else got in the lane.  She pushed off when I came into the wall and I realized by the speed she was going I could either swim around her or just give up.  I decided to give up.  After I showered and got dress I saw her swimming and then I knew I made the right choice.  She was one of those lap swimmers who swim while trying not to get an water on her head. 

It was also a good time to get out due to the rain.  As I left the WeHo pool it was the rain was just a mist but as I got closer to home it became a sprinkle.  So I barely missed the rain.  Now I can cook myself a hearty breakfast and watch some bad movies all day.


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