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The Heat Is On...

I'm not talking about the Glenn Fry song from my tween years but the actual heat of the pool is slowly going up.  I don't know how warm the pool was today but it is inching up to the uncomfortable winter temps.  In what can only described as the battle of swimmers vs aqua fit noodler's is on.  The USMS discussion forums are filled with stories of this epic battle that goes on in almost every pool in America.  But enough about that for today I have about 5 months to bitch about the pool temps.  Workout started off a bit slow for me as I was busy chit chatting on deck with the coach and fellow swimmers.  I did a 300 swim.  Today being a Monday the workout started with a focus on technique and drill with 2x25's.  The first 25 was swordfish and the second 25 was one arm drill.  After that we did a kick centric warm up set of 2x75 kick with board / 25 catch up with the board in front of us / 25 swim.  Finshing up the warm up drill portion of the workout we did a 400 alternating 50 drill / 50 swim.

50 build

10x100's Free.  1-4 on 1:10 (only made the first one and got slower on each one after that) 2-8 on 1:15 (much better!)  9-10 on 2 minutes all out.  I finished up with a 1:03 which isn't that fast but I just didn't feel strong or fast. 

50 easy non-free

Then we went on to the stroke portion of the workout.  We did a kick and drill set which was a 50 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim.  We were to do two rounds I did one round fly and then just the 50 kick. 

3x25's on 30 fly
1x25 on 45 fly
100 fly (i did this on a 1:14 which is on the slow side for me)

6x25's on 30.  1-3 free 4-6 fly. 

After that it was warmdown.   I'll blame my lack of speed on the warm water.  The only problem with using the pool temp as an excuse is that it will only get warmer in the next few weeks.  Something I don't look forward to.


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