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Wednesday Middle Distance Free Workout

Just back from the 6am workout and boy am I beat.  I ended up getting to swim practice a few minutes late as I didn't get my stuff together last night.  Once in the water I got in about a 250 warm up.  After that we started off with a series of drills and kick warm up sets.  First just a 50 distance per stroke.  Then just 2x25's one swordfish drill the other one arm drill.  Followed up with 4x 50Drill/100swim with the drills being swordfish, one arm, finger tip drag and catch up.  Then it was kick time, ugh, 6x50's as follows: 2x one with board, one on back and one without board.

400 Pull descend by 100

4x100's on 1:25 pace for an 800.  I was doing 1:10's

800 swim.  I ended up coming in a 9:25.  My last 100 was pretty sad.  At first I kept 1:10's for the first four 100's but after that a combination of things stood in my way.  From feeling a bit fatigued to just moving around my lane mates. 

100 easy

6x25's sprint on 30

another 100 warm down.

Since we have so many different workouts at different times the make up of each workout changes from swim to swim.  I really didn't have anyone to pace with so I just tried to keep myself motivated.  The last few morning workouts the turnout has been pretty small which I can only blame on the fact that it is so dark right now in the morning.  My next swim will be Friday morning so I have time to recover. Wahoo!

I am updating this post a few hours later as I noticed something after showering but didn't have time to post it right after.  What I noticed is that the warmer the pool water the dryer my skin is after I swim.  Monday when I swam my skin was very dry so after my shower I put on Mission Product Revive Gel LINK.  Then I swam on Tuesday at a different pool and wasn't as dry then today swam back at Monday's pool which was cooler than Monday but not as cool as yesterday and wouldn't you know it dry skin again.  I will admit it wasn't as dry as Monday so I am guessing that the warmer water is more damaging to the skin than colder water.  Just something I noticed.


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