It Never Fails...
What temperature of water is too cold to swim in? Or... too hot?

Just Another LCM Swim

Yesterday to celebrate Columbus Day I made spinach pies from scratch.  I made the dough in the bread machine and cooked everything else from fresh ingredients.  I almost never cook from scratch so it was a pretty impressive undertaking for me.  Best of all they actually turned out pretty good and I have one left over for lunch today. 

This morning was another LCM swim at the Culver City Plunge.  It was a pretty brisk ride on the bicycle but it was worth it.  The water was perfect and it's long course.  I use to hate swimming long course but now I want to swim LCM everyday.  Swimming a 50 LCM butterfly is a dream come true as I just my stroke into it's natural groove and just keep going with no pesky walls to slow me down. 

300 Swim
300 Pull
300 Kick

8x50's Drill / Swim IM Order 1:15/1:10  (400/1300)

1x200 IM on 3:45   (200/1500)
3x100's Free on 1:35 (300/1800)
2x200 IM on 3:45  (400/2200)
2x100's Free on 1:40 (200/2400)
1x200 IM on 3:45 (200/2600)
2x200's Free on 3:00 (400/3000)

8x50's 1:15 Sprint odds / Easy evens (400/3400)

100 warm down

On the 3x100's free on 1:35 I messed up the math and did two of them on 1:25.  A few lanes over were two age group swimmers being coached and the sad thing was that I was swimming freestyle while one of the kids swam almost on my pace while swimming breaststroke. 

This workout was a mixture of free and IM as I plan on swimming fly, back and IM this weekend at the meet at UCLA.  Next Tuesday I'll be back to my distance free training.


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