Team Survey: Question 3 Answered
FINA / ARENA Swimming World Cup -- Stockholm Day 2

Back In The Pool For The 2nd Time Today

I felt a bit antsy tonight so I decided to head to the 7pm practice.  I told myself I'd take it easy and maybe just swim and hour.  I sorta took it easy and I did get out after 80 minutes of swimming so I almost kept to my word.   Lot's of fast swimmers showed up so we split to a FAST Lane and a Not As Fast Lane.  I jumped into the Not As Fast Lane.  I will admit I had a bit too much rest but the alternative of less rest was not for me tonight.  Yeah, I almost lapped the last person in the lane but that might have happened to me swimming in the next lane. 

Warmed Up
300 Swim
300 Pull
150 Kick (750)

Kick Set
8x75's on 1:20 odds free / evens stroke.  I skipped a 50 for a pee break as I always take during the kick sets.  A kick rant:  the swim rep two years ago and the coaches agreed to a suggested minimum 500 yard kick per workout.  But on the same hand no suggested minimum pulling or drilling portion.  That is so going into the survey answers!
(would have been a 600 but for me a 550/1300yards)

Oh damn!  Here goes my yardage calculation as I forgot what we did here.  I think it was 8x50's, yeah it was.  So 8x50's on 50 free down / stroke back IM Order.  (400/1700yards)

Main Set:
10x200's as follows
1x200 on 3:00 150 free / 50 choice of stroke (backstroke)
1x200 on 3:00 100 free / 100 choice of stroke (backstroke)
1x200 on 3:15 50 free / 150 choice of stroke (backstroke)
1x200 on 3:20 all stroke (backstroke)
1x200 broken as 4x50's on 60 (backstroke)
we then had some extra rest.  I think we took 85 seconds rounding the clock to the 30.
Repeat as above but this time I did my choice of stroke butterfly.

50 easy (50/3750yards)

3x150's pulling breathing every 3/5/7.  I did the first 2 and then a 100 of the last one and finished up.  (400/4150yards)

I was beat.  I enjoyed my 2 mile bike ride home.  It relaxed me a bit.  Soon I'll be sleeping very very well and getting up to swim in the morning.  Only one swim workout tomorrow!

Today's swim totals:  3,750 short course yards and 3,250 long course meters.

Biking totals: 12 miles total.

Running total:  1.5 miles.  I ran to the gym today and then ran home.  It's a bit above .7 miles so let's round up.

Then I did 50 minutes of circuit weight training. 

I'll be feeling all of that tomorrow!


Thats kind of epic. Nice work!

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