The Hollywood Hills Vanished In My Run
Team Survey: Question 2 Answered

Swimming In The Smoke

I ended up swimming at the outdoor pool even with the air quality warnings although I didn't last for the whole workout.  I didn't even finish the main set. 

Warmed Up a 250

Warm Up Set:
something here...umm...100's maybe.
6x50's Drill on 55
4x100's Swim on 1:20
6x50's Kick on 55
2x100's Swim on 1:20

Then we did a stroke warm up.  I think we did it twice with a 75 IM on an easy interval then a 50 free fast on 35 then something then another 50 fast on 35.  I so don't remember this workout.

Then the main set in which started off badly for me and went downhill.  By the first round of the set about 1/2 of the swimmers got out.  Already a low turn out turned into one lane per swimmer.

I did a 100 back but it was to be a 250.
4x50's IM order on 55
100 IM on 1:20.  that didn't happen.
50 easy.
regrouped. well i was on my own while the two fastties continued the set correctly.
250 back. 
4x50's IM order on 55
100 IM on 1:20.  I actually did the interval
50 easy

Okay this set was to be 4x but it ended up only being 2x.  I got out but a small group of folks stayed in and had a mini-swim clinic with the coach.  I would have stayed but I felt like crap.  I wanted just to get out of the water and home.  I'll swim in the morning when hopefully the air will clear up a bit.  I figured at the very least I got into the water and did something as opposed to sitting on the couch eating chips.


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