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Team Survey: Question 3 Answered

Team Survey 2009

Last year our Swim Rep sent an email to all of the swimmers asking questions about swim practices to get some feedback to bring to the coaches.  Well with another year comes another swim rep and a whole new survey of questions.  I decided to pass them along to see what you all think of either your swim practices or swim practices in general. 
Don't worry I have no intention of passing your answers along I'm just curious what is on your mind.  I'll be answering this survey and posting my responses shortly.  I'll do my usual blurbing without thinking style of answering.

1) How do you feel about our coaches in general? Are there any coaches you would like to see have more practices?

2) How do you feel about our practices? Would you like more sprints? More distance? More core training? More drills? More starts and turns? More stroke instruction from the coaches? Stretching before and after practice? Dry land training?

3) Do we need more lane speeds offered? Medium/Fast? Medium/Slow? Super Fast?

3) Would you like a distance or a sprint specific workout during the work week?

4) Should we bring back the monthly 10 / 100 sets?

Anything else you can think of?

Wondering what cool and fun pool that is pictured above and below?  Guess the rendered speculation of this future below in comments!

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