Team Survey 2009
Back In The Pool For The 2nd Time Today

Team Survey: Question 3 Answered

I posted earlier about our new team survey LINK and I've decided to post my answers bit by bit as I write them up in between doing other things.  So here is my first answer to the question:

3) Do we need more lane speeds offered? Medium/Fast? Medium/Slow? Super Fast?

Survey Says:
  The lane speeds have a way of working themselves out and vary from workout to workout based on who shows up and coaches discretion.  When the super fasties all show up on the same day then that workout might have a faster fast lane and a fast lane.  Same thing goes for each group.  It should be as it has always been coaches discretion.  And yes sometimes that may mean one person may have to slow up but they should use this a workout to either work on weaker strokes or just work on technique in general.  On the flip side sometimes people will have to move up and rise to the challenge of a faster workout.  I've done both sides of this coin many a 6am workout as it always depends on who shows up.


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